How Will I Know If Lessons Are Right For My Child?
Music has endless benefits for overall brain function and emotional health. It is not so much a question of whether music lessons are right for your child, but instead what type of music best fits your child's personality. Generally piano is a good instrument to start on - especially for younger students - because it not only can be catered to the student's particular interests, but it also lays the building blocks for different instruments and overall musical knowledge. Try playing songs featuring different instruments for your child. Which does he/she prefer? Does he/she frequently sing around the house or with the radio? These are the kind of things that a Sonata Music instructor can use to cater music lessons to your child.

How Do I Schedule Lessons?
If you are interested in starting music lessons, contact us through phone or email with the age of student, instrument of interest, and available times of instruction. We will match you with an instructor who has the same schedule availability. From there you and the instructor can confirm a weekly meeting time. 

How Far In Advance Are Lessons Scheduled?
Lessons are usually scheduled on a semester-by-semester basis, or even for the entire school year. 

What About My Child's Sports Schedule?
We understand that many children's sports teams do not release practice schedules until the beginning of the season. While we know this is unavoidable, we ask that you are proactive about contacting your instructor once you know your child's schedule in order to set up a weekly meeting time. It is important to us to value our instructors' time and professionalism, therefore we will not allow for week-by-week changes in lesson times. 

How Should I Pay For Lessons?
Please pay by check, cash, or money order directly to your private instructor. We operate as a community of professionals, filing taxes individually. We apologize for any inconvenience however we are unable to accept payment directly to Sonata Music at this time. 

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How Do I Reserve A Date?
Once you have contacted Sonata Music with the dates and ensemble you are interested in, we will verify availability and notify you as soon as possible. Your date is considered reserved when you and a representative of your ensemble have signed a contract and you have paid the $50 deposit. 

What Will My Musicians Wear? 
It is traditional for musicians to wear all black to ensure formality and that our music, not our appearances, are what is noticed at your event. 

Are Demos Available?
We would be delighted to share a free demo cd, and demo tracks are coming soon to our website!

How Should I Pay My Musicians?
Please pay by check, cash, or money order made payable to the musician who signed your contract. This person will take care of fund dispersal. We apologize for any inconvenience however we are unable to accept payment directly to Sonata Music at this time. 

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